Do you ever feel that everyone seems to be getting ahead but you?  You work hard and bring home a decent paycheck, and you have every intention of socking away a solid nut so you won’t have to eat cat food in retirement. And even better: build a substantial financial foundation that will give you more freedom to have more fun and get more out of your life.

But somehow, that paycheck never seems to stretch as far as you think it should. Expenses continue to pop out of nowhere like mushrooms in a rain forest, and your dreams of financial ease and stability remain ever out of reach.  If you’re starting to build wealth later in life, you might worry that it is too late to build a significant nest egg. The mountain is just too high, so why start climbing?

I understand that feeling because I got a late start in building my wealth.  But 10 years on, I’m well on my way to a financially independent future – without giving up vacations and a modestly comfortable lifestyle.  Growing up, I spent many hours listening to an expert household money manager – my grandmother.  From her I learned about how and when to spend money, and why. As an adult, I’ve been a lifelong student of investing, and I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way – so you don’t have to.

I created this blog to help others achieve their goals of financial ease and security.  To pass along some of that “grandmother wisdom” about spending and saving, as well as help others avoid common investment landmines and overcome their fears of investing for the future.

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